Sado is the son of Kyle and his mother died at birth. He is really good friends with Taka and Blaise.


Sado was born on the same day as Clash, March 21st 2042 to Kyle and Charlotte. He is a Pyrus brawler like his father who was a Pyrus brawler, but his mom was a Darkus Brawler. His mom died giving birth to him, but gave Kyle her Darkus Quadranoid for Sado to use. She died 2 minutes later. Sado was raised by Kyle with the help of Blaze and Bella. His best friend is Clash Kuso, and Taka Uraya. His Gaurdian Bakugan is Omega Drago Jr.

Favorite ThingsEdit

His father

Omega Drago Jr.





Omega Drago Jr. (A child clone of Omega Drago made by Blaze) :1400 Gs

Pyrus Strikeflier, 900gs

Bronze Battle Turbine, 100g

Darkus Quadranoid, 1000g (Just brings with him for good luck)

Silver Myriad, 130g

Haos and Pyrus Apollonirs:500 Gs

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