Rockyter (also called Rocky or The Rock by Kurai) is Geoff's guardian bakugan. Like Geoff, he doesn't like to harm innocents.


  • Attribute: Subterra
  • Power: 700Gs
  • Owner: Geoff


Rockyter is a stone-like bakugan. He is one of the strongest bakugan even though he doesn't like fighting (this is somewhat similar to Drago). He will fight if it means saving innocents. He always tries to talk Geoff into betraying Kurai because he knows that Geoff is lost and confused. He is very clever and wise.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Mock Rock: Transfers 200Gs from opponent to Rockyter
  • Rocky Hammer: Nullifies the opponent's gate card
  • Stone Alpha: Adds 300Gs to Rockyter
  • Sheild of Rockyter: Reflects the opponents ability back at them
  • Subterra Earth: Subtracts 200Gs from the opponent

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

  • Rock Math: Transfers 300Gs from everybody (even allies) to Rockyter


  • Even though Rocky is made of rock and has no mouth, he can talk.

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