Robin, this battle determines the face of the Universe, I need all 5 Cores to defeat Jason, I have the Silent, Infinity, and Ultima Zero Core, now I need your Atomic Core, and the Forrbiden Core. Battle me! Shouted Blaze.let's go gate card set bakugan brawl wolfox stand.your turn said robin.wolfox at 900gs.Blaze if you didn't do your move you will lose!shouted robin. Sorry Robin, I was listening to my iPod, ability activate! Blitzing Flare! I get half of your power drained, so now I have.... Who cares, This ability drains power and then unleashes it! A Huge fireball shot at Wolfox and he turned into ball form. YOURE A SORE LOSER!!! Blaze shouted because he saw Robin's next move. Blaze threw down a card and Robin's card turned into ash. Robin looked dumbstruck, as his life guage went down to 60 %.YOU ASK FOR IT!! Look at the RPG Rules, then come back. Somebody activates an Ability, then waits for the other player to go. Blaze smiriked and started to laugh. You are such a child! Robin looked mad and threw down a gate card. "Robin this is your last move!" Robin picked up his WolFox and it started to glow a shade of Silver. It was Extream WolFox.BEHOLD THE ULTIMATE BAKUGAN!! VENTUS EXTREAM WOLFOX bakugan brawl RISE EXTREAM WOLFOX!! Your kidding me if you think thats the Ultimate Bakugan. This is the first time I'm going to do this, but let's try. Ability Activate! Sigma Evolution! Blitz started to shake uncontrollably. I'm sorry Blitz it will be over soon! Blitz started to talk, "I'm not in pain, I can control the Sigma Evolution, I get more power but I can still control this." Blaze smiled. "Alright Man, ability activate!" SIgma Burst! The blast of energy hit WolFox and he slammed back. Blitz flew towards him and bit him and threw hit 50 feet. "How can't Wolfox beat him?!" Blaze started to talk. "Me and Blitz have the power of friendship, while you just want to become higher ranked. A Burst of energy came from Blitz's chest and Wolfx flew backwards and hit a wall. He screached and turned into ball form. Sorry about Wolfox, do you want to join me and Kyle's team? You're pretty persistant, and you won't take no for an answer, Come with us or become a salesman. Robin laughed, "Me and wolfox battle as one person not just as a team and don't worry about wolfox even this attack times hundred can't damage him I'll join if I can keep the Atomic Core." Blaze chuckled. "for now." EVeryone laughed and the sun started to set. They saw a face in the moon. The face of the mask of Jason.

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