Robin is a very skilled Ventus brawler. His guardian bakugan is Wolfox. His enemy is Bart. He is also a scientist.

He joing the Brawlers at the same time as Riley, as they were both battling Clash in the arena at Vestal. According to Clash, he doesn't back down and is sometimes a sore loser when he loses easily.

Now, he is known as the evil battler Flecha, Arco's friend, both are two villainous brawlers of "Arco E Flecha" ("Bow And Arrow" in Portuguese), he joined Arco, Shadow Master, Osaris and Darkness at the same time as Masquerade (his creation), also he has another five attributes: Pyrus, Subterra, Haos, Darkus and Aquos, mainly as Arco also has the same six attributes.


  1. Wolfox 950g (guardian)
  2. Extream Wolfox (evolved guardian) 990gs
  3. Glotrnoid 600g
  4. Raptorix 600g
  5. Triple Striker 100g (Battle Gear)

Gate cardsEdit

  • Wolfox charachter card L2:doubles Wolfox currunt power
  • Black hole effect:opponnent bakugan power is down to100g and cannot activate abilities
  • Ventus reactor:ventus bakugan+300gs
  • Unfair battle:add 2 bakugans to the battle


He is nice But he has a dark side wich can kill opp. bakugans if this will bring him victory

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