Rise Dragaon
Attribute Pyrus
Power 640 Gs
Variations Flare Dragaon
Gren Dragaon
Rise Dragaon
Dimension Dragaon
Warrior Dragaon
First Appearance
Voiced by Quinn Scott Johnson
Bakugan Form

Rise Dragaon is the Guardian Bakugan of the main character, Harley Hinode, & the evolution of Gren Dragaon in the fanfictional series Bakugan: Tech Brawlers. Sometime later on, he evolves into Dimension Dragaon in Bakugan Tech Brawlers - The Tavanel Cup.



Rise Dragaon is the evolution of Gren Dragaon. Equipped with the Metal Horn & Metal Tail, this offensive Bakugan has increased its ability to go straight to the limit.

Bakugan: Tech BrawlersEdit


Rise Dragaon is equipped with the Tech Bakugan Convert System that a Normal Cross is on his tail. His horn, with carving on it, is called the Metal Horn.

Rise Dragaon has unusual color combination in Pyrus which has white as his main color & red as his highlight, which is basically an inversion of his first two evolutions.

Rise Dragaon's Pentagon Parameter
Attack Defense Occupy Force Control Stand Total
90% (9/10) 60% (6/10) 50% (5/10) 60% (6/10) 60% (6/10) 64% (32/50)

Gate Card(s)Edit

Ability Card(s)Edit

Fusion Ability Card(s)Edit


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