Riplemix roar
is a gigantic hound-like Mobile Assault.


Riplemix is a Mobile Assault with the mind of a drone, meaning it obeys commands without a second thought. It has six gnashing fangs, and glowing green eyes. It is colored like a Darkus Mobile Assault, yet it can be used with any Bakugan. Riplemix has a spiked tail that can tear through any armor. It has four claws on each foot, and runs surprisingly fast for its enormous size. It can also combine with an array of Nano Drone, BakuNano, or Battle Gear, to make it even more powerful. It has extra weaponry on its sides, that can be armed by several Bakugan. Its armor is extremely durable, and able to last through onslaughts of attacks. It also has several Ability Cards that can be used to amplify its power in battle.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Relentless Onslaught: Riplemix reveals two massive cannons, one on each side of his neck, and they fire rapid, precision blasts at the enemy.
  • Howling Vortex: Riplemix creates a tornado underneath the opponent's feet, making them unable to escape.
  • Exo Armor: Riplemix's body defenses are amplified, and he is able to withstand the attack of even a Mechtogan.
  • Swift Fortress: Riplemix's speed is enhanced, and the enemy's defensive abilities are made useless.


  • Riplemix is the size of a Mechtogan laying down, and has equal strength to one.
  • It is unable to rear up on its back legs; it can only stand on all four, due to its weight.
  • Riplemix possesses no actual attribute, so any Bakugan can use it.
  • It is much like a walking tank. It can be used for transporting heavy equipment, as well as for battle.
  • It has a slight resemblence to Maxus Helios.

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