These are the adventures of my Chara, Rinku. i'll try to update as often as possible. it will be written in an RP format(example: Rinku: uh.... [walks away] Xirunk: DEATH TO YOU!!!).

Story Edit

Rinku: *enjoying a peaceful day* aahh, nuthin like relaxing by the pool.

[Suddenly, Masquarade jumps from the bushes]

Rinku: *pulls down his sunglasses* who the heck are you?

Masquarade: I'm Masquarade, and i'm here to battle you!!!!

Rinku: Don't you mean brawl? 'Cause I thought battling was from something else. that thing with the yellow electric mouse or something like that.

Masquarade: Whatever! I'm still here to fight, battle, brawl, whatever!

Rinku: fine, fine *gets up from his chair* Gate card, SET! *throws his gate card, and time stops*

Masquarade: muhahhaeh, *throws Juggernaut* doom card, set.

Rinku: meh. *throws fear ripper*

[they land on the same card, starting the battle.]

Rinku: Ability card, activate! *throws an ability card, which increses fear rippers g's by 200*

Masquarade: No! Ability card, activate! *the ability card increses g's by 300* muhheheheheah

Rinku: Gate car, activate! *gat card is flipped, showing a 150 increase for darkus bakugan*

[Fear ripper has more g's right now, and Rinku wins. Time goes back to normal.]

Trivia Edit

  • this is based of an ongoing RP me and my sister do.

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