Riley Rockwell is Clash's best friend after he defeats Sado. Riley is the number 2 Brawler, and brawls with a Gaia Viper.

Appearance. Edit

Riley is a twelve year old boy, who can control Cyborg Bakugan, and monsters. He is about eleven years old, and Clash calls him buddy because he's five years younger than Clash. He wears a red beanie, he has glasses, and always carries around his computer. His jeans are his battle scars since they are so ripped, and has the same dorky aspect as Maraucho. He is shown to be very good at Hoverboarding, and is used as Clash's lab rat on his inventions. He is never not seen without his robot Clanky who is Gaia's best friend.


Riley was born in Vestroia, but lives on Vestal Vestroia. Clash met him and he joined the resistence. He is 11 years old and is always seen with his laptop and his robot Clanky.

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