Rec is a brawler, and one of the only two humans to live on A Vestroia, along with Monarus.


Rec lives in Ventus Village. He is friends with Birdagon, Chihuamax, Harpus, and of course Monarus. He is usually level-headed, but can be quite stubborn at times. He is very protective over Monarus, as noted by Jim. He has punched Jim in the face twice due to this. It is revealed that if something were to happen to Monarus, he goes on a psychotic rampage, ignoring everyone.

A StoryEdit

One day Rec and Monarus were admiring the beauty of Ventus Village until a freak strom hit. They were then in a desert, where they met Jim and Prickley. He fought Jim, but lost. They then went to A Village, where they met the Monarus Sisters, and when he saw them, Monarus dragged him away, saying "OK, let's go, you don't need 5 when you have me." They eventually went to look for Purple Monarus. When they found her, she told them that the A Core had been stolen, she then joined them to help defeat Prickley. When they found him, it is revealed that Rec bought a sword in A Village. He and Birdagon teamed up against Prickley and Jim, and with help from their friends, they defeated Prickley. Afterwards, he and Monarus talk, and before he could say something important, Birdagon interrupted them, Monarus asked Rec what he said, and he said he would tell her later.

A Story IIEdit

A year after Prickley's defeat, and Monarus and Rec are talking about what he was telling her before Birdagon interrupted them, in the previous year. While trying to figure out what to do, Birdagon suggested a race. Outside Ventus Village, all the Bakugan suddenly turned into their ball forms. It was then revealed that Prickley, Jim, and Sklash did this. Jim then challenges Rec and Monarus to a brawl, but Rec decides to face him alone. After the battle they try to figure out how to stop Prickley, Jim, and Sklash, who then throws a smoke bomb inside, knocking our heros unconscious, upon waking up, Rec notices that Monarus is missing, he is then filled with rage, and vows to kill Sklash, Prickley, and Jim.


Recgameboy, like Monarus befriends Bakugan.

Gate Cards
  • Birdagon: All Attributes +150 Gs, Ventus +210 Gs, and Birdagon gets it twice.
  • One More Time: All Attributes +150 Gs, and the owner gets their Ability Cards back both during, and after the battle.
  • World Peace:


  • A running gag is that whenever Rec and Monarus are talking, Birdagon interrupts them.


Opponent Outcome
Jim (Actual Fight) Lose
Prickley and Jim Win
Jim Tie

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