Raichi Kuronashi


First Seen A New Kind of Brawl
Voiced by Jeremy Shada
Personal Information
Age 13
15 (Tavanel Cup)
Gender Male
Main Attribute Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Zeta Munikis

Raichi Kuronashi is one of the main characters of the fanfictional series Bakugan: Tech Brawlers. He is the owner & partner of Destroy Munikis.

He is also Harley Hinode's friend. He later teamed up with Harley, Koh Griff, & Sho Griff to form Team Dragaon.


Raichi is a blonde teenager with red eyes. He wears a beanie hat, black hoodie, shorts, & sneakers; all of which has pink & blue accents.


A friendly rival of Harley. He uses the Darkus attribute & his Guardian Bakugan Destroy Munikis along with his high techniques & efficient strategies. Despite that Harley is often reckless, Raichi is a cool character who sees the good in him.

Together with the enthusiastic Harley, they will stop the BakuThieves from stealing Bakugan.</p>

His shooting skill is "Tech Zero Gravity Spin".



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Harley Hinode 1 Lose


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