Pyventarkus Tech Aniplex(アニプレックス Anipurekkusu) is Shaylinn Izami's all-time Guardian Bakugan.It was formerly King Erodius ' Guardian Bakugan.


Pyventarkus Tech Aniplex can control electricity,wind,movement energy,heat energy,fire,darkness and dark energy.Its robot-like body is strong enough to support an air pressure of maximum 500 kilos.The gem on its chest,the Factsphere can release powerful lasers.


Aniplex's abilities are very strong and must be used wisely.If not,the abilities can go against the users.

  • Ani-style Air Control:Ventus Ability, -300 Gs from the opponent's Bakugan.
  • Ani-style Electric Shock:Darkus Ability,+100 Gs to Aniplex -200 Gs from opponent's Bakugan
  • Ani-style Pyro-Attack:Pyrus Ability, Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card and Abilities and transfers 500 Gs from opponent's Bakugan to Aniplex.
  • Technoid Clone:Adds 600 Gs to Aniplex and other Bakugan on the field.
  • Cosmic Impact:Adds 600 Gs to Aniplex.
  • Factsphere:Adds 1000 Gs to Aniplex and other Pyrus,Ventus or Darkus Bakugan on Aniplex's side.
  • Factsphere Revolutional:Prevents opponent from activating 10 Abilities and adds 1000 Gs to Aniplex.
  • Factsphere Armageddon: -400 Gs from all the opponents' Bakugan, +900 Gs to all Bakugan on Aniplex's side.
  • Shock of the Futur:-700 Gs from opponent's Bakugan.

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

  • Armageddon Activate:Ends the Battle,makes Aniplex and the other Bakugan on its side win!
  • Armageddon:Adds 3000 Gs to Aniplex.
  • Apocalyptic Environment:Adds 5000 Gs to Aniplex.

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