Pyrus Storm Dragonoid (Storm) is a Forbidden Bakugan. He has a two tails and four arms, like a Blitz Dragonoid and Chance Dragonoid mix. He has Gold and platinum armor. He is the Guardian of the one and only Firestormblaze .




  • İnfinite Storm: Storm gain 1000Gs and opponent loses 600Gs.
  • Ghost Riot: If opponents power level is higher than Storms, they switch power levels.
  • Destroy Vanish: Adds 900Gs to Storm and does 450 extra damage.
  • Perfect Striker: (This can only be used when there's one of each Attribute on your team)
  • Pyrus Defender: (Pyrus Defense)
  • Titanium Hummer: Subtracts 800Gs from the opponent, adds 700Gs to Storm.
  • Flamed Slayer: Transfers 900Gs from the opponent to Storm.
  • Dragon Aerial Hurricane: Nullifies the opponents ability, adds 1500Gs to Storm.
  • Kazami Style-Hyper Dark Fire: Transfers 800Gs from the opponent to Storm. (Ventus, Subterra, Darkus)
  • Superior Thunder: Adds 1200Gs to Storm.
  • Cross Blaster: Adds 1300Gs to Storm.

Fusion Edit

  • İnfinite Fusion :(Defense)Transfers 750Gs from the opponent to Storm.
  • Killer Pyrus :Storm can switch to another bakugan and/or attribute. He gains 800Gs.
  • Rebel Pyrus: Transfers 1000Gs from the opponent to Storm.
  • Double Warrior: Adds another Bakugan to the brawl.
  • Negative Aero Dragon: Storm does extra damage to Ventus and Darkus.
  • Silent Down: Adds 1200Gs to Drago.
  • Tornado Ocean: Transfers 900Gs from the opponent to Drago.
  • Sykuria Shield: Subtracts 700Gs from the opponent. 
  • Aqua Core - Burst Blow: Nullifies the opponent's ability.
  • Core Buster: Nullifies the opponent's ability, subtracts 500Gs from the opponent.
  • Dragon Hydro Blaster: Brings the opponent's G-Power back to its base level, adds 600Gs to Drago.
  • Aurora Shield: Nullifies the opponent's ability, adds 700Gs to Storm, adds 800Gs to every other Bakugan on your team.

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