Pyronic Dragonoid is an evolution of a Pyrus Dragonoid. Although he is owned by Dan he didn't evolve from Blitz Dragonoid. He was de-evolved when captured by Barodius all the way back to Neo Dragonoid. Then after evolving into Pyro Dragonoid, he evolved into Pyrus Pyronic Dragonoid. (This will be explained further in episode 3 of Bakugan: War of the Worlds- Origins.)

His ball form hasn't changed much from Pyro Dragonoid. The only differences are that he has feet, the horns are backwards, and there is a third horn goin the same way as the original horns on Pyro Dragonoid. He has metal armor on his chest and 3 pairs of wings. He is compatible with the Battle Gear Pyrotech. The next form of Dragonoid will be Dragonoid Omega.

In Episode 3, Dan will use Dargonoid Colossus to battle Barodius with Pyronic Dragonoid. He has been hypnotized by Kazarina and can play the Advanced Fusion Ability. He can also play Dark Abilities. Dan will win the battle and Barodius agrees to give Dan Drago back.

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