Prickley is an evil Darkus Bakugan.


Prickley has spikes all over his body, which he uses to attack his foes. He can transform into his form, Señor French Shape Guy. He wants to take over everything. He crushes his foes with his giant claws. He is blue and brown in color. His Battle Gear is Gunnor. He met Jim, who mysteriously appeared on A Vestroia. As Señor French Shape Guy, most people don't take him seriously, due to his appearance. He despises Birdagon. He lives in the Old Darkus Village, after everyone move to get away from him.

  • Spike Cannon: +250 Gs.
  • Energy Beams: +200 Gs.
  • Dark Growth: +300 Gs, and Prickley grows bigger.
  • Lightning: +200 Gs, and nulifies opponent's Abilities.
  • Dark Move: Prickley moves to any Gate Card of his choosing.

A StoryEdit

He stole the A Core, causing strange storms to appear all over A Vestroia. He and Jim met Birdagon and the others in a desert, where he knocked Birdagon unconscious. He then battled them for a final fight, where he transformed into his true form. He was winning, until Birdagon told everyone to combine their attacks, he was defeated, and the A Core flew away, but he vowed his revenge before he passed out.

A Story IIEdit


  • He was originaly just a simple smiley face I made at school.
  • I often mis-spell his name.
  • Prickley and Sklash have the most Abilities of all my Bakugan here.


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