For the Bakugan with a similar name see Power Hydranex

Power Hydranoid is the evolution of Hydranoid and Jessica's Guardian Bakugan.


Orb ModeEdit

In his ball form he is a BakuOrb Super Assault Bakugan. He has a similar build to Alpha Hydranoid and Hakapoid. A Hakapoid like Bakugan is rolled and when it opens a smaller Bakugan pops out. It opens to let another Bakugan come out. The Hakapoid Bakugan is a hollow shell that adds 200 Gs to the Bakugan that came out of it. The Bakugan that comes out is Power Hydranoid himself. He looks like Alpha Hydranoid but with only 1 head and the other head pieces shifted into demonic wing shapes. There are 4 arm pop outs. There are 4 feet that pop out automatically.

Real ModeEdit

Coming soon

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