Phi Harier was the daughter of the former leader of the Bakugan Cloning Project Graydash Harier.She is an organic BakuHuman that can transform without a D.N.A.sensor.


The original Phi died of a disease at 2 years old.

The new Phi was made with the D.N.A of the original and an Apollonir that became her guardian. She was a normal clone for 10 years. At age 10 she showed signs of being a defective. Her father was not told when Phi was sent to an orphanage. She was adopted at age 12 by 2 unknown parents.She was shocked when one day she became a BakuHuman by saying "Apollonir Fusion" after discovering she was a clone after which she became a vital asset to the New brawlers. She has a crush on Kyle.

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