It has all of the attributes. It has 1000 points

is kuso's partner. has the sacred orb and is linked to the perfect core.


Fiery Defense: nullifies abilities, gate and adds 800 Gs

Aero Storm: becomes immune to activated abilities -700 op

Darkness Burst: op base adds 600

Ground breaker: nullifies gate transfers all op points

Tidal Wave: op g power = 0

Solar Storm: prevents op activate abilities, -400 op

infinite kaleidoscope: all attributes, +1500 points


merge soliton: transfers 600 points (Sacred Orb)

DNA BARRIER: trans all op points (DNA)

Ultimate Guard: +1800 gs (perfect core)

Field Recovery: +2700 gs -500 op (universal)


dextra dragoon x: op gs= 0 +2700

Field destroyer x: keep g pwer 500 above op

maniac x: rolls a die

1 takes enemy bakugan

2 kills op bakugan

3 kills op (brawler)

4 summons 4 bakugan

5 gains 2000 points op loses 900 points

6 activate battlegears and traps to form maxus ultima collossus

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