Peace Wavern In Bakugan Form. 700gs

Peace Wavern is a Bakugan created by Vincent as a counterpart, and a counter to, Jason's Rage Naga.

This Is actually a Form of A necro Bakugan, But With One complete Creatures DNA. She can use a power similar to that of the infinity core, but only to the extent that Rage Naga Can use its own strange powers. The Power Needed to Make This Bakugan Was Tremendous, But Vincent Obtained The Power By Accessing remnant data of The Perfect Core that lingered in the Doom Dimension. He Also Applied Some DNA Strands of The Six Soldiers. She Is The Only Necro bakugan to Be Completely Alive Again, This Might Be Contributed to The Powerful DNA's Used.It Seems Every Time It Is Used, It Gets Slightly Stronger Abilities, Each Seemingly Growing In Power By 10gs every Time She Battles. Eventually, She willll Start Forming New Abilities All Together.

When She stands, She Actually Gains The Attribute The Opponent Has, This Is A Special Ability She Has. Another Ability She Has Is TO Seemingly Stop Rage Naga's Ability, Keeping Her On The Field.She Also Seems to Sometimes Stay On The Field From Sheer Will, And Can Sometimes Negate An Ability By power, And, Or Will. She Can Purify a Bakugans Soul, And Cure Diseases, similar to her counterpart Rage Naga. Vincent created her in the first place to cure his brain disease.

Peace Wavern will eventually evolve after she gains more unique abilities, and might then have the capabilities to defeat Rage Naga. After Everything, She Must Die Again Though. The Infinity Core WILL Keep Her Alive Longer Than Most Necro-Bakugan, But Only So About 5 Years. A Normal Necro-Bakugan Survives 10.Her Strength Is Not As Strong As Nagas, For She Purifies Creatures, Not Destroy Them.


Peace Wavern In Ball Form



  • Shining Rays: Adds 200gs, Negates The Opponets Ability.
  • Purifing Nova: Negate any Non-Attributed Abilities, Add 50gs.
  • Reverse Light: Swaps the Gs if losing by 300 or More.
  • Infinite Supreme: Keeps The Opponet From Playing Abilities.
  • Harboring Strength: Increase This bakugan's Gs by 50 for 3 turns. On the Fourth, add 450gs.
  • Rivaling Life: If This Bakugan Would Normally Lose, add 300gs, and heal the damage. This effect happens once, and this ability must be played after the ability that would normally make Wavern lose.
  • Last Life: Transfer 600gs if the opponent is winning. In ten turns, this bakugan automatically loses.


  • Nova Light: Adds 500gs to wavern. Negate 1 ability.


  • This Bakugan was created to be a counterpart to Rage Naga.

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