Padadin Bazzalar is the evolved form of Bazzalar.It is more honorable and fights for

honor.It stands upright and has two legs but also has four arms.A sword is in one hand and a shield in the other.Armored,Paladin Bazzalar is rich in defense.No matter what attribute,though,it's armor plating is still blue.It's long sword is runed with ancient writing.

  • Special Ability Cards:
  • Shield Throw:Throws shield at target.The shield acts like a boomerang and comes back.
  • Fury Strike:Sword lights up a color(mattering on attribute) and slashes at opponent,doubling it's damage from the coloration.Also improves "G's" by 100.
  • G's:450
  • Evolves to:Giga-force Bazzalar

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