Pablo Geddon is a 12 year old brawler who does not use just one type of Bakugan, but mixes some of each in every brawl. His younger brother is Arma Geddon.

More to be written soon!

List of Pablo's BakuganEdit

  • Wind-chime. (Ventus Stationrider, guardian Bakugan)
  • Ventus Elfin.
  • Sharpshooter. (Ventus Cyborg Helios, can become a Maxus Helios)
  • Cloak. (Darkus Golem, once belonged to Arma)
  • Grabber. (Darkus Scorpion, first Bakugan Trap owned by Pablo)
  • Two-Face. (Darkus Scraper)
  • Aquos Triad El Conder.
  • Spintribute. (Aquos Spin Dragonoid)
  • Aquos Spindle.
  • Subterra Klawgor.
  • Subterra Scorpion.
  • Rockette. (Subterra Blade Tigrerra)
  • Pyrus Leafram.
  • Pyrus Foxbat.
  • Pyrus Viper Helios.
  • Haos Fencer.
  • Haos Wilda.
  • Haos Alpha Percival.

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