Omega Sigma Drago is the true evolution of Omega Drago


During a battle with a strange agent for the BCP Omega Drago began to show symptons of transformation. The agent smiled and laughed maniacally as the colors on Omega Drago inverted and he began to lose all thoughts and become corrupted by instinct. Kyle screamed in tears to Omega Drago to never give in to his instincts. Omega Drago began to obtain control over his transformation and unleashed an energy wave at the agents bakugan. Both bakugan lost the battle and returned to their brawlers. Kyle rolled Omega Drago who landed upside down and opened on a side that had an inverted version of his color. The agent was surprised when he realized that Omega Drago had become both an XBakugan and a dual bakugan (bakugan with two sides) who could control his transformation into Sigma Drago when rolled.

Bakugan infoEdit

This Bakugan is similar to Angelo/Diablo Preyas due to dual sides and both sides have different G powers. Omega Drago's side had 700 Gs and Sigma Drago's side has 800 Gs

Death BrawlerEdit

Sometimes when Kyle uses this Bakugan on Sigma Drago's side he becomes imbued with a DarknessX related power and gives in to instincts and brawls like a maniac from an insane asylum.

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