This battle has been APPROVED!!!



Bakugan:Omega Drago/Sigma Drago/Beta Drago



Bakugan:DarkShine/Divine Darkshine


Kyle:Gate card set!bakugan brawl!Omega Drago stand!

Cyan: Set, Brawl, Stand. Activate Cyber Ability "Turn Seal". Blocks all cards that will be played with no exceptions.

Kyle:Ability activate!Sigma evolution!Omega Drago tranformation to sigma drago and g power rise to 1200 Gs.this ability can be activated no matter what and its effects cant be reversed.

Cyan: Ability activate. "Copy Shadow". I copy the G-Power of Sigma and add it to DarkShine. Then, i activate "Turn Seal X2". You cannot activate any abilities until your next turn without exceptions.

Kyle:you just messed up big time. activating that is allowing omega to become his beta form which destroys all of the opponents abilities when brawling.

sigma drago transformed to beta drago and g power rise to 1600.

Cyan: Activate Gate Card "Cyber Chain". Instead of incrasing Gs, Sigma loses Gs. And negates his abilities/special conditions/ effects without any exeptions only during this battle. D.S. attack Sigma <DarkShine 1425 Gs-Sigma 800 Gs>. And you still cannot activate any card effects during this battle due to "Turn Seal X2".

Kyle:I said your card caused him to transform to Beta Drago.Beta also can destroy Gates. (He destroys Cyber Chain)

Cyan: No. This Gate is a Cyber card, that can only be destroyed by a other Cyber Card or a Divine Bakugan. Your Bakugan is a Genetic Bakugan. It is not destroyed.

Kyle:Be careful. Beta Drago contains the power of the Ultima-Zero core so he can become 30X stronger then any Divine Bakugan.

Cyan: No, you should be careful. The Divine Force created all Cores and the Attributes. It is The Divine Force.

Kyle:the ultima zero core was not a product of the divine force.It is from a universe where humanity and bakugan do not live in harmony and it is the balance of that world.the divine force has no existance in the cores universe.

Cyle: Yes it has. You do not know it. It can become any other Force with no exceptions.

Cyan: It is everything. As long as there is life in all existing universes, it won't be destroyed or negated.

Cyan: And the Ultima Zero Core is a living force.

Kyle:its no use trying to convince him omega

Omega:darkshine if you may speak i would like to tell you something.

Cyan: It's no use. Nobody will win, while several important energy will be lost. It's a tie.

Cyan: If the two cores face each other, several dimensions will be at risk. For me, the safety of the Dimensions is more important than this battle.

Kyle:fine then.....ability activate!ultima zero quad cannon! (Ultima hydranoid appears and both omega and hydro obliterate darkshine in one shot and send him to the zero dimension and the battle ends)

Cyan : That didnt even hurt him Take him down!!!! DarkShine defeats Ultima Hydro. Battle Ends

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