This is a short sequence I came up with. Play the vid while reading. Read it slowly too


Omega Drago and Inferno are getting ready to battle. "Wait Inferno I have something to teach you first." Omega Said. A giant laser like aura surrounded Omega and he repelled the aura after becoming Sigma Drago. "This is my powered up form Sigma Drago. You know of it." Omega said. Another aura surrounded Omega and it's strength began to cause an earthquake. When it stopped Omega was Beta Drago. "This is Beta Drago my second form. You know this one and the one coming up too." Another aura surrounded Omega and it created thousands of craters in the ground. He became Zero Dragonoid. "This is my most powerful form to your knowledge but...LET ME SHOW YOU THE NEXT STEP BEYOND!!!!!!!!" Omega yelled. thumb|314px|rightThe biggest aura yet surrounded Omega as he let out a powerful roar that seemed to hide a scream beneath. The craters in the ground began turning into holes that almost reached the center of the Earth. Blaze and Kyle's home town began shaking and some buildings began to fall to the ground crumbling ,and others got minor damage. Everyone was looking on in awe at Omega's transformation,oblivious to the destruction around them. The aura struck the ground and released a giant cloud of dust as the transformation ended. When the dust cleared everybody beheld Giga Drago.

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