Nightmare Hades is a Mechanical Bakugan. It is incredibly similar to the original Hades.


Nightmare Hades is basically a Hades with much more powerful fire-power and darker colors. They also do not require a re-charge after using their more powerful cannons like the original Hades. Unlike the original Hades, one was made for each Attribute. The originals each had a nickname to match their Attribute.

  • Pyrus - Blaze
  • Subterra - Quake
  • Haos - Sun
  • Darkus - Night
  • Aquos - Torrent
  • Ventus - Cyclone


The Nightmare Hadeses can also work in teams of three, to use more powerful abilities. The Pyrus, Haos, and Ventus ones work together in one team, and the Aquos, Subterra, and Darkus ones work in another.

Ability CardsEdit


  • Pyrus Striker : Subtracts 700Gs from every opponent.
  • Blast Mayhem: Transfers 850Gs from every opponent to every Nightmare Hades on the user's team.
  • Neo Magma : Adds 1400Gs to Pyrus Nightmare Hades.
  • Vulcan Destroyer : Adds 950Gs to every Nightmare Hades on your side. (Only if you have a Haos and Ventus Nightmare Hades as well)


  • Curse Canyon : Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities, and their Gate Card.
  • Desert Blaze : Adds 1200Gs to Subterra Nightmare Hades for every Bakugan on the field.
  • Magnetic Bash : All attacks against the opponent are redirected to Subterra Nightmare Hades, to charge his more powerful cannons.


  • Hyper Light Force : Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities and prevents them from activating new ones.
  • Blinding Ocean : Subtracts 1350Gs from every opponent.
  • Lumino Vortex : Subtracts 1600Gs from the opponent every time they use an ability for the rest of the round.


  • Darkus Demon : Adds 1700Gs to Darkus Nightmare Hades.
  • Darkness Blindness : Defeats any support piece the opponent is using, besides Mechtogan. (Traps, Battle Gear, BakuNano)
  • Lightning Terror : Subtracts 1000Gs from every Nightmare Hades on the user's side, in exchange for subtracting 600 Gs from every opponent.
  • Black Life : Subtracts 900Gs from every opponent (Only if there is also an Aquos and Subterra Nightmare Hades on your side as well)


  • Depth Wave : Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card, and adds 1200Gs to Aquos Nightmare Hades.
  • Hyper Wave Fire : Subtracts 1500Gs from the opponent.
  • Aqua Explosion : Subtracts 1400Gs from Aquos Nightmare Hades, in exchange for subtracting 500 Gs from every opponent.


  • Dragon Shadow Alterego : Transfers 1250Gs from the opponent to Ventus Nightmare Hades.
  • Wind Rumble : Prevents the opponent from activating abilities, and adds 1600Gs to Ventus Nightmare Hades.
  • Aero Storm : Adds 1950Gs to Ventus Nightmare Hades.

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