After the defeat of King Zenoheld, he was clarified dead but he returned after Keith, Marucho, Ren and Fabia finished Bakugan Interspace Dimensional. So Keith and Mira saw Hydron, Volt and Lync return from the between dimension they were sent. Hydron should have died with the explosion of The Alternative, but while Dryoid was holding his father Zenoheld Dryoid protected Hydron from the explosion so he survived the explosion but was sent to dimension where he had sent Volt and Lync to so they met there. Hydron explained everything to Volt and Lync, Volt and Lync understood him and his choices. They were stuck in that dimension for a long time but it only seemed a few minutes when they saw light and they walked to the light and right after that they had been DNA-Transported to the first Bakugan Interspace Dimensional Unit on Vestal.

His new Guardian Bakugan is Dryoid MK.II