Neganoid is a Negagan bakugan replica of Drago.


Neganoid was originaly a Hybrid of Dharak and cyborg Helios.When Naga was destroyed,the remains of his power went into Dharakios and gave it extreme power.Dharakios found its way to New vestroia and gained every power of every attribute and every ability meaning that this is the only bakugan that any ability card can be used with.Dharakios evolved into Multi-attribute Viper blitz Dharakios and somehow became a Hybrid of Alpha Percival and Hydranoid along with its Hybrid of Dharak and Helios.A long time later,a mysterious person named NG found the Hybrid bakugan and made it a Dragonoid Hybrid of Dharak,cyborg Helios,Alpha Percival,and Hydranoid with a dark energy known as the Negaforce with Naga's energy with all the attributes powers.Neganoid was complete when he gained his G-power of 750.

In battleEdit

When this bakugan enters the battle,there will be no where to run or hide because this bakugan is pure chaos.This guy can transform into a Maxus Hybrid Collosus Negagan.There is no way to beat Neganoid yet.

Battle gear,Traps,Mobile assults,etc Edit

This bakugan fully works with every upgrade so no matter what,this guy will take any boost in strengh even if it might not handle it.


  • Neganoid is the first Negaforce bakugan.
  • Neganoid is the first to be able to become a Maxus and Collosus bakugan at the same time to make a Hybrid transformation.
  • Neganoid is the only bakugan that will be the hardest Drago has ever bralwed.

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