Nate Sakurai is a darkus brawler. His Guardian is a Darkus and Mechros Chance Dragonoid from Ultima Vestroia. He is Kyles cousin


He is Kyles cousin from Zaro. He is 15 years old. He met Chance Dragonoid or 'Chancey' when he was just walking outside of a bakugan arena in town. He aided in the battle against Fear.Chancey evolved to a Giga Chance Dragonoid when Fear attempted to destroy Nate. Then Nate was saved and defeated Fear as Fear Skyress. He is now living in Wardington.

He had a crush on the Bakugan Cloning Project agent Klara. He was the one who sent her to the Zero Dimension after he gave up on it.


Darkus chance dragonoid: g power die

subterra chance dragonoid: g power die

darkus rubanoid:750 gs

subterra triad el condor

pyrus hylash

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