In the year after the Gundalians were saved a strange event obliterated 98% of the human race including the battle brawlers. Only a select few pockets of humans survive. They just act like nothing happened though. This is the story of a child who survived that very event.

"Arthur the coolest thing happened to me today."A child ran up to our child and said. "What Jack?" Our child name Arthur asked. "I got a date with the most beautiful girl in school." The child called Jack said. "Cool." Arthur responded. "I have to get going. A lot of homework to do y'know." Arthur said as he ran onto the road leading to his house. A kid stopped him. The kid was known around here as Zack. "Hey Arthur I heard you got a rare Subterra Dragonoid. You won't mind if I brawl you for it right?" Zack said. Arthur nodded and pulled out his Battle glasses. It was an enhanced version of the Gauntlet that was worn on the eyes where Gs were calculated as a launcher worn on the right hand was used to roll bakugan and a slot on a device worn on the left hand was used for abilities. "Gate card set!"Getting bored so more coming soon

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