The Monarus Sisters are 5 Monarus, who are sisters. They are very wise, nice, and attractive. They each have 500 Gs.


They use to live in Monarus Village on A Vestroia. They are friends with Little Battle Gear Dude.

The Sisters.Edit

Ventus MonarusEdit

Ventus Monarus is the leader of the sisters.

Haos MonarusEdit

Haos Monarus is...

Subterra MonarusEdit

Subterra Monarus is...

Pyrus MonarusEdit

Pyrus Monarus is second in charge.

Aquos MonarusEdit

Aquos Monarus is ...

  • Wind: +200 Gs. Ventus Monarus.
  • Shining Light: +200 Gs. Haos Monarus.
  • Sandstrom: +200 Gs. Subterra Monarus.
  • Fire Wind: +200 Gs. Pyrus Monarus.
  • Sea Breeze: +200 Gs. Aquos Monarus.
  • Attribute Combine: +250 Gs, two of the sisters fuse together to combine their Attributes.

A Story.Edit

They were in A Village, until one of Prickley's freak storms showed up. They met Monarus and the others, when Rec saw them, she dragged him off saying, "OK, let's go, you don't need 5 when you have me." Ventus Monarus suggested who could help.


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