Mock Dragonoid (Copycat by most people) is Joe's partner and the Bakugan leader of The Order. He is nicknamed Hotshot by Joe.


  • Attribute: Pyrus
  • Power: 600Gs
  • Owner: Joe


Mock Dragonoid looks like a mix of Ultimate Dragonoid and Neo Dragonoid. He is very powerful.

Ability CardsEdit

He has some of Ultimate Dragonoid's abilities and Neo Dragonoid's abilities. He also has a few abilities of his own.

  • Dragon Demon: Adds 300Gs to Mock Drago
  • Strike Dragon: Transfers 400 Gs from the opponent to Mock Dragonoid
  • Tornado Barrier: Nullifies the opponent's ability, and subtracts 100 Gs from the opponent
  • Fire Judge: Adds 200 Gs to Mock Dragonoid
  • Ultimate Dragon (Ultimate Dragonoid): Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card, and adds 200 Gs to Mock Dragonoid
  • Massive Heatwave: Subtracts 200Gs from opponent

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

  • Dragon's Delite: Transfers 200Gs from opponent
  • Fire Pool: Nullifies opponent's ability

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