Mistery is a Darkus winged E.T. like Bakugan. It is the Guardian Bakugan of Scarlet.


Mistery is principally grey with large black wings that it can hide to battle more easily on earth. it can also use its wings as a coat to protect itself from opponent's attacks.


Ability CardsEdit

Ability Card's name Effect Type Attribute
Laser Reaper Subtracts 450 Gs from the opponent. Ability Card Darkus
Full Burst Reaper Transfers 900 Gs from the opponent to Mistery Ability Card Darkus
Wing Slash Subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent. Ability Card Ventus
Wing Shield Nullifies the opponent's Ability Card. Ability Card Darkus
Absorb Shield Nullifies the opponent's Ability Card and adds 100 Gs to Mistery. Ability Card Darkus
Total Chaos Subtracts 500 Gs from the opponent and adds 1000 Gs to Mistery. Fusion Ability Card Darkus
Mistery Eraser X Doubles Mistery's power level and subtracts 1000 Gs from the opponent. Forbidden Ability Card Darkus


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