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McKayla Drathgock
McKayla in her new appearance after defeating team Deratious.
Gender Female
Attribute Haos Attribute
Guardian Ultamatrium
Other Bakugan

A very sweet girl who had a Baby Bakugan called Lesocarinthia (AKA Rin), a Haos bakugan. Which later on gets sacrificed to save the world. Her new bakugan is Ultamatrium, a kind and powerful bakugan. She lives with her brother Chris after their parents died. She is trying to form a bakugan clan of all six attributes but only has three, her for Haos, Chris for Darkus, and Concepción for Subterra.


One day when she was watching a battle in Bakugan Interspace, a segment of the Anti Core swallowed a quarter of the bleachers, with her in it. Now she's a teenager and has been infected by an evil virus, her bakugan has grown to be one of the most powerful Anti-Bakugan, with a power level of 2000gs. She has won so many battles, she was pronounced "Virus Princess". Many people fear her, giving her much pleasure. Her brother soon finds anti-virus software and gives it to Marucho in a flash drive, it is not fully successful, but it warped McKayla back into the real world with her normal personality. She is now the greatest brawler in the world with the title of number one of all top ten brawlers.

5 Unknown Brawlers Win
Chris Loose
Chris (Rematch) Win


Shun (Dream) Loose *giving a Haos Ingram as a gift, appeared in real life though*
Concepción (Rematch) Tie
Team Deratious Grunt Win *Tag with Concepcion*
Team Deratious Grunt Win *longshot*
Deratious Laser *machine* Win *had to sacrifice Rin*


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