Maxus Zero Dragonoid is the version of Zero Dragonoid used against Virot in Bakugan:Final Battle


Maxus Zero Dragonoid is an updated version of Maxus Omega Drago. His head is covered in a knight-like metallic helmet with 3 horns. His body is covered in a robotic suit that makes his body resemble that of Space Godzilla. His legs look like those of a Velociraptor mixed with a T-Rexe's. His arms have more fire power then those of Maxus Omega. It is covered in 10 cannons around the center and a giant rocket cannon in the middle of them.


Maxus Zero Dragonoid first appears in a training battle against Maxus Blitz. He defeats Blitz's Battle Gear, but Blitz evolves into Pyro and ties the Battle.

In Bakugan:Final Battle Maxus Omega Drago,Kyle,and Sado battle Virot adn Jade while all of the brawlers and the other bakugan cheer them on. When Virot overpowers Maxus Omega,Kyle and Sado activate an ability card that evolves all of the Gear Bakugan on Omega and he transforms into Maxus Zero Dragonoid and obliterates Virot with one hit. When Virot is defeated his father rises and Maxus Zero gets ready to fight as the story ends.

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