Maxus Omega Drago is Omega Drago's form with the help of 6 Gear Bakugan


He is drastically different from Maxus Dragonoid as he uses Gear Bakugan. His arm mechanisms end in giant cannons similar to those found on a battle ship. His main body is covered in a robotic shell similar in appearence to a Gundam robot. His head is covered by a helmet that makes his head resemble that of Cyborg Helios MK2. His legs resemble those of a mechanical Tyrannosaurus.

Gear bakugan needed to formEdit

  • Arms:Gear Helios and Gear Skyress
  • Legs:Gear Tigrerra and Gear Preyas
  • Body:Gear Dragonoid
  • Helmet: Gear Hydranoid


In Bakugan Wars, he is used against Maxus Blitz by Sado in chapter 8 of part 3. Maxus Omega attacked Maxus Blitz but he fought back. He managed to tire out Omega, but then retreated after a security breech in Bakugan Interspace.

In Bakugan:Final Battle he becomes Maxus Omega to battle Virot but is losing. He transforms into Maxus Zero Dragonoid and manages to destroy Virot and free Jade from him. Then the Ssenkisc appears and challenges Maxus Zero.

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