Maxus Blitz Dragonoid is the Maxus Version of Blitz, created by Riley Rockwell.


Maxus Blitz Dragonoid is made out of Seven Battle Gears, His arms and are made out of Gigarth, on the left arm of Gigarth, there is a Battle Gear that is a smaller version of Zukanator. The body is a Battle Crusher without the cannon, his legs are two Terrorcrests for armor. His Wings are a mix between JetKor and Swayther, and his tail is the snakes of a destrakon. Some of his body is not visable because of all the Battle Gear, but when this ability is Activated, Blitz grows 60 feet, and some of the Battle Gears get smaller. All of the Battle Gears are a different Color, symbolizing the different attributes.


In chapter 5 of Bakugan Wars, he is created by Riley Rockwell by tripping over a bucket of Battle Gears, while they attached to Blitz Drago.

In chapter 7, he is used by Robin after Clash was knocked out by Krion and Sado

In chapter 10 of Bakugan Wars, Clash uses him to destroy the Zero Dimension while Krion was talking to Cora.

In Dragon Mountain, Clash uses him to battle Duark, but loses


Coming soon

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