Marine is a Aquos Bakugan from New Vestroia and is the Partner of Katie Fong (Helen's cousin). He is a Pixie Bakugan, just like Kyogre he lives in the deep ocean of New Vestroia and is rarely seen. He is kinda like the baby of the Bakugans.


He hardly fights but when he does he can deliver a blow to his opponets (even though he is small). Some of his attacks can heal a hurt ally in battle, he can also use it in Ball form to heal a friend. His little wings can help him fly or float. Despite his cute and small form he is an opponent you cant underestimate. He is a Bakugan of few words and only nods/shakes his head, or says "phoo".

Ability CardsEdit

  • Kahuna Waves (Ocean Love): Marine spits out heart-shaped bubbles from his mouth that can either heal allies or cause harm to his enemies by bursting on contact and surrounding them in a burning pink aura, depending on which purpose Marine wants his attack to serve. (Adds 500gs to ally)/ (Takes away 500gs from Ally)
  • Smiling Face (にっこり笑顔Nikkori Egao?) (Takes away 600gs from opponent)
  • Funny Smile: (Takes away 500gs from opponent) Makes opponent lose their guard.
  • Smile Attack: (Takes away 600gs)
  • Pretty Heart: Marine attacks with a bubble heart that makes the opponent confused.
  • water shield: Nulifies the Opponents abilitys and protects Marine from the attack.


  • In closed ball form he looks like Minx Elfin
  • When he lived in new Vestroia he lived deep in the ocean like Kyogre.
  • He only says "Phoo" and nods when he agrees with something or shakes his head when he doesnt agree.


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