Mariah Hunter
Gender Female
Attribute Haos Attribute
Guardian Haos cleopatra
Other Bakugan Haos Onix

"By the way i'm as Merciless as Shadow prove and mylene so uh...dont be suprised when your Bakugan is mine!"

Mariah Hunter is a member of the Vexos she's the second Hao's brawlers compared to Volt. She trained along with the vexos to be strong and evil just like them. Her crush in the vexos is Shadow Prove and Gus Grav she also shares history with Ace from the Resistance. Her partner is Hao's Cleopatra and she cant stand Mylene Farrow those two are concidered rivals. She is considered the 3rd best of the Vexos.


Shadow Prove - She has a crush on him and treats him like a somewhat friend.

Mylene Farrow - She can't stand her and she hates her, because of her crush on Shadow Prove.


Her Personaility is Hyper, Merciless and she acts like a Cat and likes Dark Alleys. She likes to mess around with Shadow Prove sometimes. Her rivalry with Mylene Farrow, it has to do with the fact she has a crush on Shadow.


Haos Cleopatra (Guardian Bakugan)

Haos Onix 


  • “by the way I’m a merciless as Shadow prove and Mylene so uh…don’t be surprised when your bakugan is mine” -When talking to the brawlers and challenging Dan to a brawl
  • "hmp...some vexos you are, if i see something i want i take it" -talking to Gus Grav


  • She acts and looks similar to a cat
  • She has a crush on Shadow Prove and Gus Grav and has feelings for Ace
  • She shows no mercy in brawls
  • She would cheat to win brawls just like the other vexos
  • She knows how to create some bakugan and Ability cards for them.
  • Her last name Hunter comes from hunting Bakugan.
  • She is identical as the Mariah from Beyblade, literally.


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