Lyrica Volan
Lyrica Volan chibi1
Gender Female
Attribute 21px-Ventus.svg.png Attribute
Guardian Seiryuu
Other Bakugan 21px-Ventus.svg.png Flash Ingram

Lyrica Volan is the new Empress of Vestal and is the Ventus Bakuna. She is the daughter of King Zenoheld and Bellatrix Volan; Hydron is her younger half-brother and Lync is her younger biological brother.


Like her younger brother, Lyrica has light pink hair and green eyes. She usually wears green to represent her status as a Ventus brawler.

In her regal outfit, she lets her hair down or incorporates it with her crown. Her regal outfit varies greatly, from Japanese wa-lolitas to Victorian dresses, to some traditional Vestal clothing.

While brawling, she ties her hair up in a ponytail (and once, even in two pigtails). Her brawling outfit consists of a honeydew-colored jumpsuit with a high collar. When the jumpsuit is zipped all the way up, it covers part of her face. She wears black, knee-high boots, and unlike most Vestals', her Gauntlet is attatched to her left shoulder.

According to Mikhail, Lyrica (and all his female companions) suffer from a case of Unlimited Wardrobe. As of such, to make use of her many outfits, Lyrica is seen in many different outfits over the course of the series.


Personality-wise, Lyrica is still very similar to Lync. They can both become rather arrogant, although Lyrica has a much better winning streak than her little brother's. However, she is also rather sympathetic, and she cares about her subjects. This is what gave her support after she returned to Vestal.

Once aggravated, she can become extremely cold and calculating. She has no qualms with executing several of her opponents out of cold blood, and believes that it is her duty to "obliterate those disgusting Gundalians".


Bakugan: Mechtanium SurgeEdit

Lyrica's first appearance in Mechtanium Surge was when Spectra asked her permission to send him and the Vestal Resistance to Earth, seeing the state Dan was in. She approves, but has Sofia accompany them.


Lyrica is merged with the Ventus Bakuna, Ventus Seiryuu. In her Bakuna form, she takes the appearance of a six-winged phoenix with beady black eyes.

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