Little Battle Gear Dude A

Original form.

Little Battle Gear Dude B

Actual form.

Little Battle Gear Dude is a combination of Battle Turbine, Twin Destructor, Rock Hammer, JetKor, and AirKor. He is also a friend of the Monarus Sisters.


Battle TurbineEdit

Battle Turbine acts as his legs.

Twin DestructorEdit

Twin Destructor acts as his lower body.

Rock HammerEdit

Rock Hammer acts as his arms.


JetKor acts as his head.


AirKor acts as the top of his head/his head.


He lives in A Vestroia.

A StroyEdit

He was in A Village with the Monarus Sisters when Prickley's storms hit, he then dis-assembled himself, and each Sister had a piece. They then used him in the final fight against Prickley and Jim.


  • Tape was required to get him to stand for the pictures.
  • A rubber band was used for JetKor.

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