Lesocarinthia is a teenage bakugan resembling a unicorn/pegasus. She reins from the Haos attribute and is the guardian bakugan of McKayla Drathgock. She is often called Rin for short. Rin was once an Anti-bakugan with a power level of 2000 g's, she now has 1400 g's now that she has been drained of her anti energy.

A pegasus
Power Level 1400 Gs

Ability CardsEdit

Shining Overload - Nullifies an opponents gate card and gives Rin 500 g's. Used by Rin shining a blinding light from her horn.

Feather Force - Consumes the whole stadium with pesky feathers and with enough force can be used offenceively. When used offensively, it gives Rin 700 g's. Used by feathers showering from Rin's wings.

Lars Lion's Gift - Gives all Haos bakugan on the field 600 g's and makes a illusionary Lars Lion shoot it's bow at the opponent. Given to all top 10 Haos brawlers.

Blind Shine - Makes all bakugan blind temporarily, giving Rin an advantage. Used by a quick flash of light.

Bleach Out - Brings the battle into a white zone, no life or any agriculture of some sort is created, just white. It bleaches ability and gate cards, attributes, and any special abilities of the bakugan. Basiclly makes it a physical battle.

Sword Storm - Brings Rin's g power level up by 800 g's and brings down the opponent's by 500. Used by Rin flying and dropping energy-form swords from it's wings.

Raging Horn Throw - Gives Rin 750 g's. Used by rushing into the opponent head on with her horn, her horn is also enlarged temporarily.

Haos Stampede - Gives Rin 650 g's and makes her hooves glow. Used by running ontop of the opponent.

Peircing Luster Shock Cannon - Rin's most powerful ability cards. Lowers the opponents g power by 1000, brings her own up by 1000, and nullifies all ability and gate cards. Used by produsing Haos energy from its wings, mouth, and horn. When charged enough, the energy burst in a beam form, very poweful.

Haos/Pyrus Hybrid Ability CardsEdit

Plus Pyrus - Turns Rin into a Haos/Pyrus hybrid, also gives it a 500 g power boost.

Shining Nova

Blazing Lumino Strike

Bleach Fire

Raging Inferno

Luminous Invasion

Shining Blitz Barrage

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