Legendary Hydran
Power Level 590 Gs

Legendary Hydran is the evolved form of Hydran. This Bakugan is notably stronger and much more aggressive than it's younger form, as well as much larger. Legendary Hydran is always an Aquos Bakugan, even if the Hydran it evolved from is Subterra or Pyrus.

Legendary Hydran is unique amongst most Bakugan in that, when defeated, Legendary Hydran simply grows another head and gains 100 Gs, thanks to it's unique ability card; Ultimate Recuperation, which is played at the start of a battle. This means that a Legendary Hydran can grow to 890 Gs in battle fast, making it a very dangerous opponent.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Acid Spit:Spits poison balls while moving around horizontally, subratcting 200 G's from an opponent ant letting Hydran gain 200 Gs.
  • Ultimate Recuperation: Played at the start of a battle. When a Legendary Hydran is defeated, instead of disappearing, Hydran grows another head, and gains 100 Gs. This card can be used a total of Three times by Legendary Hydran in a battle.