Lash (Real name is as Juan Harua)
Former Bakugan Cloning Project agent
Gender Male
Attribute No Attribute
Guardian Gamma Drago
Other Bakugan Look at section at bottom of article

Lash is the enemy of my friends character Kyle. He is a brawler who only uses Clear and Pearl Bakugan.

Early LifeEdit

Lash was born to 2 parents in Zaro (Two towns down from Wardington) with unknown names. He was sent to an orphanage after an attack on his town which left him the lone survivor. His life is unknown up to age 12.

Age 12 to age 14Edit

Lash was adopted by the Uraya family after they gave up a certain someone at another orphanage 2 towns away. They expected a perfect child but got one obsessed with brawling. When he was 14 he was abducted by the Bakugan Cloning Project and sent after Kyle with Clear and Pearl versions of some of the clones used against Kyle (except Omega Drago and there were seperate Clear and Pearl versions for all the clones) and brawled Kyle 7 times over the course of his attacks on towns and Ventus Village (Leonidas told me about it.) Soon he saw the errors of his actions after his 7th brawl with Kyle and stopped what he was doing.


He has coal black hair, has two eye colors, a BloodRed shirt saying "No survivors", and black jogging pants. Many people say he eerily resembles Kyle and it is noted by Omega when he says "I didn't know you had a strange twin brother." to which Kyle replies "I don't Omega I told you I am an only child."


All are both in Clear and Pearl versions as two seperate Bakugan but will not be listed in that fashion

Depression Apollonir:800 Gs

Destruction Tigrerra:750 Gs

Omega Helios:600 Gs

Shadow Skyress:900 Gs

Hydranoid:800 Gs

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