Las Más Mortal Dark (Spanish:The Dark Deadly Ones) is a group of bakugan brawlers that all use Darkus/Any attribute hybrids.


Las Más Mortal Dark was formed in 2010 by 3 individuals:

  1. Dragoon Lorde
  2. Rukan Saima
  3. Angelo Nette

Only after 2 months the group was bussling with over 400 members.

Due to their members seeming almost like a society laws were formed within the group

The customs of the religion are:

  1. Always following the orders of your leaders or anyone in command
  2. No Felonys like murder are allowed
  3. Brawling is only allowed with permission or if during a mission to get to a target
  4. No smoking or alcohol use is allowed
  5. No matter what,you never rebel against your leaders,or you are eliminated

These laws must strictly be followed my members.

Known MembersEdit

Besides the creators of the group only about 5 normal members are known

  1. Chernabog Muerte: A strange member of the group that wears a repaired version of Masquerade's mask. He is known to brawl in a style that comes close to killing his opponents known as 'Obscuro 23' and is the leader of the offensive group called 'Deadly Darters'. He usually hides in the shadows and gets the drop on his opponents like an assassin
  2. General Dominica: General Dominica is easily the youngest member of the group. At only 5 years old she is usually largely underestimated but actually is the smartest person in the world. She is known to not brawl but is a powerful strategist.
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