This is an idea I came up with. This is non-canon to Attack of Jade and Bakugan Clones. ONLY ILOVESONIASTRUMM AND LEONIDAS1234 AND DRAGOFANGIRL EDIT THIS.

Part 1Edit

Kyle beheld a girl that only looked about 14 years old. Her actions seemed unnatural of a normal person. They looked in eachothers eyes. "You must be Jade." Kyle said. "You must be Kyle." Jade said. "Let's brawl." They both yelled. "Gate Card Set!Bakugan Brawl!Omega Drago Stand!" Kyle yelled. "Orb Monster Activate! Fear Unleashed!" Jade yelled. "That is a magnificent creature Jade." Kyle said. "Thank you. Your's as well." Jade said back. Fear looked at Omega with a smile.

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