Kyle is a Pyrus Brawler from Earth. He brawls with Pyrus Omega Drago,his girlfriend is Phi.

Gender male
Attribute Pyrus Attribute
Guardian Omega Drago
Other Bakugan many


He is a cheater but will never lie. He loves his bakugan and will never let them be harmed.


(Guardian)Omega Drago(now a crusher dragonoid):1000 Gs

(Normal Bakugan)

Pyrus Tentaclair:400 Gs

Pyrus Phosphos:600 Gs

Pyrus Hyper Dragonoid:500 Gs

Pyrus Juggernoid:600 Gs

Pyrus Hakapoid:600 Gs

Wins and LossesEdit

Death(1st) Win
Devin(Friend) Win
Wrath(1st) Win
Sigma Drago (Used Storm Skyress) Win
Death(2nd) Win
Wrath(2nd) Win
Sigma Drago (With Seperated Omega Drago) Win
Wrath(3rd) Lose
Death(3rd) Win
Wrath(Bakugan Form)

(Tag with Blaze and Death)



Blaze, in Bakugan Interspace Lose
Blaze (Final Battle)

No Outcome

Blaze (Rematch) Lose by 5 life points, Blaze said they could share number one spot

These are all battles he has won (Or lost) honestly (He cheated on his brawl with Devin as an agent)

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