For the bakugan see: Kurai (Bakugan)

Kurai (Weirdo Guy)
Gender Male
Attribute Darkus Attribute
Guardian Duark
Other Bakugan Dark Dragonoid
Dark Tigrerra
Dark Preyas
Dark Gorem
Dark Skyress
Dark Hydranoid

Kurai (暗い Kurai, Japanese version Dark for the darkness, 闇 Yami) was a mysterious Darkus brawler who is known as The Best Darkus Brawler by most brawlers.


Kurai was born in Vestroia. He was created by a chip of the Pefect core that chiped off and landed on Earth. Since he's made out of pure energy, he never ages though he can be killed by the energy if he has too much energy inside of him. He can also send his energy to a Bakugan/other person, though, this would kill him.

When Kurai went to earth, he teamed up with Geoff to take the famous "Guardian" Bakugan energy and have the Ultimate Bakugan. Though he has been defeated the first few times. He has created six dark copies of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers' bakugan. He doesn't know that Geoff's dad is Shun, 'cause if he knew, he would defeat Geoff and take his bakugan, along with the aged Shun's Ingram.


Kurai is a very powerful brawler who is cruel to his enemies. If he can't keep their bakugan, he will get rid of them. He is very close with Wrath, because they have the same personality, and is not able to age since of his Darkus heritage. He loves to put fear in the eyes of his opponent. He fears no one, just like his bakugan, Duark. He doesn't even fear Masquerade (who most people fear), which made him the most powerful Darkus Brawler.


  • He is the most powerful Darkus Brawler.
  • He has a deep hatred for Blaze and Kyle (sorta like Masquerade's former hatred between Dan and Shun).
  • Even though he is cruel to most people, he sometimes shows compasion for his bakugan (this also might be to try to motivate them to win).
  • Kurai's original first appearance was in Bakugan: Ichigo Attacks.
  • Kurai was originally going to be called 苺 (Ichigo, Japanese for the strawberry) but was changed to represent him more as 暗 (Kura).
  • Kurai is really a bakugan trapped inside a human form.


Blaze Loss
Kyle and Klara (Tag with Wrath) Draw


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