For the human see: Kurai

Kurai is one of the most Bakugan ever. He can almost defeat Rage Naga in battle but sometimes needs the aid of Battle Gear.


  • Attribute: All Attributes
  • Power: 2000 Gs
  • Owner: Kaitlin


Kurai was known as the most powerful bakugan before he became human. He was born as Darkus Tigrerra when Vestroia was created, making him the oldest bakugan. When the Infinity and Silent Core split, he turned into his current bakugan form which turned him evil. He was killed in an attempt to save Blitz. The last thing he did before he died, is that he gave Blitz his power, which makes Blitz evolve.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Pyrus Combustion: Adds 500Gs to Kurai
  • Haos Light: Parylizes opponent
  • Aquos Tsunami: Subtracts 400Gs from opponent
  • Subterra Rockolache: Transferrs 600Gs from opponent to Kurai
  • Ventus Wild Winds: Transferrs 400Gs from every bakugan on the field to Kurai
  • Darkus Evil: Turns one of the opponent's bakugan against them

Fusion AbilitiesEdit

  • Fusion Attributes: Adds 1500Gs to Kurai


  • This bakugan is SUPPOSED to be overpowered, since it's the oldest living bakugan, so I highly recommend not editing it.
  • He doesn't appear in many stories. He only appears in Bakugan: Evil Forces and Wrath's Revenge and Death's Return, making him the rarest used bakugan.

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