Power Level 870 Gs

Kumanoid is a bear-like Bakugan that lives in the forests of New Vestroia. It uses its tonfas to fight any Bakugan who threatens it. His power level is 1400 Gs.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Shield Stomp - With a stomp of its foot, it build stone walls to protect itself. Gives Kumanoid +100 Gs.
  • Stick Slash - Kumanoid uses its tonfas to slash its opponents as quick as a flash. Takes away 75 Gs from the opponent & are given to Kumanoid.
  • Tonfas Hammer- Kumanoid uses its tonfas to form a hammer to give hard hits to its opponents. Gives Kumanoid +200 Gs.

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • X-Boomerang - Kumanoid's tonfas join together to form an X. Then Kumanoid throws it at its opponents. Gives Kumanoid +200 Gs.
  • Earthquake Smash- Kumanoid's hammer gets stronger. It also nulifies the opponent's abilities. Takes away 100 Gs for each hit.

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