Kole is a Pyrus Brawler from Vestal. He is also the crowned prince of Vestal. He is 14 years old, older than his younger brother Abyss.

Bakugan Battle Squad

Kole is the leader of an elite squad known as the BBS. They're goal is to avenge the all vestals killed by Barodious Jr.

Other Members of BBS:

Abyss - Darkus Satan Dragoon 950g's

Jak - Haos Blade Lumagrowl 950g's

Kallin- Ventus Wave Ingram 950g

Flash - Haos Cross Terrorclaw 950g's


Kole is 13 and he loves brawling strong Brawlers. He loves Bakugan and hates using them for war. Pyrus Helios MK2 (Acid) is his guardian.

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