Bakugan: The Next Generation - Drago's Kingdom Character Kizuato Edit

Kizuato is a Character appearing in my Fanfiction Bakugan: The next Generation - Drago's Kingdom and the second Leading Character.

Description Edit

Kizuato is the only child born to Dharak/Razenoid and an unnamed female Dharaknoid. He was raised by his Stepmother a Subterra Dharaknoid called Zira.

Appearance Edit

Kizuato looks exactly like his father, with the small difference of having light green markings on his face.

Backstory Edit

Kizuato is the only child of Dharak and was born in exile, which his kind was sent by Genesis, outside Bakugan City. His stepmother Zira told him so many lies that he started to believe her words as an adult. Like his father, he possesses the Ultimate Warrior Gene, which makes him the last descendants of the Original Dharaknoid. He was trained to become a strong Warrior and to be able to defeat/kill Drago. And to become the new King of Bakugan City. But after he spent some time with Drago's daughter Saphir, his motivations changed. Kizuato had fallen in love with her and he didn't want to fulfill his Mission he got from his stepmother. So he had decided to tell her the truth. But as he wanted to tell her, her father Drago wanted to speak with him instead. Drago told him about his father and he responded that he didn't know anything about this story. Drago told him what the next Generation can do better. Just in that Moment Zira and a large group of Dharaks attacked them both. Kizuato wanted to help Drago but was knocked out by his stepsister Vitani. Later as Drago had successfully escaped, Kizuato tried to help his stepbrother Nuka, who was trapped below some trees, which had fallen onto him. This time he was pushed away from him by his stepmother. After that, it was clear that he was death. He was attacked by his mother and wounded at his left eye and a scar remained. After that, he ran away back to the Kingsrock were Drago and his tribe was living. He asked him for his forgiveness, but he was banned by him. So he ran away again, but later he joined up with Saphir, she had run away from home a few moments ago. Kizuato meant to ran far away from their families. But was turned around, when Saphir meant to stop the war between the two bloodlines. They ran back to their families, just to find them fighting against each other. As his mother was about to kill Drago, he and Saphir jumped in front of them and stopped the fighting. He claimed that he would protect them both even with his live. After Saphir had told everyone that they are one and the same the rest of Kizuato's tribe joined Drago's. His stepmother tried to kill Drago herself. Saphir stopped her by taking the attack and the both fall down a cliff. After his stepmother had died Drago excepted him into the tribe. Kizuato and Saphir married after this and became the Prince and Princess of Bakugan City.

Battle Equipment Edit

  • He wears a golden battle armor, but only when he thinks it's needed. This armor is nearly undestroyable and can take even multiple hits from strong opponents. The armor is covering his chest and stomach to a very far extent, the wrists on his front and back legs, a part of his neck and a little bit from the beginning of his tail to the middle of it, he also wears a helmet with is covering most of his head until to the near end of his snout, the only exceptions are his horns.
  • Airkor [1st Battle Gear]
  • Barias Gear [2nd Battle Gear]

Quotes Edit

'I will revenge my father's death and everything that was done to my tribe!'

'I will kill Drago and take back his kingdom for us!'
'Saphir. Zira is planning a plot against you and your father. I was a part of it, but I don't want to be in it anymore.'
'I never knew this about my father. He was truly a power hungered Monster.'

Trivia Edit

  • His name is translated from Japanese to English meaning 'Scar'.
  • He has some markings on his face, which his father didn't have.
  • The Guardian Bakugan of Emperor Barodius from the 3rd Season is his father.
  • Genesis is one of the first Bakugan, a Dragonoid and the brother of the Original Dharaknoid [I fan named him Exodus].
  • He is in possess of the Ultimate Warrior Gene.

Gallery Edit

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